Have you considered one of our attractively priced optional upgrade bundles?

Simply choose one or more packages that best suits your caravanning lifestyle. Each item will be fitted for you at the factory and because you are purchasing an optional bundle, the price is discounted to save you money.









Factory Options

Factory Options

Crusader offers a long list of options for your caravan – chassis, suspension and wheel upgrades, from curtains to cupboards, stone guards to satellite dishes, extra power and water, ducted heating to slide out kitchens, the list is extensive and very reasonably priced.



Bundle Packages

Crusader has an innovative and cost effective way for you to personalise your caravan, to suit your desired lifestyle, by offering exclusive optional upgrade bundles at a discounted “bundle price”.



Your Choice of Colours

Crusader offers a wide choice of colours, from your external walls and checkerplate, to an extensive range of benchtops and splash backs, cupboard doors, upholstery in woven fabric, faux or genuine leather and heavy duty vinyl flooring. Even the external decal can be personalised with your favourite colour.





Note: These are just a few of the options available. Some models may offer the above as standard specification